Tractor services for hire. Property Maintenance, Land Clearing, Excavating. Have us make quick work of your property project.


front-end loader. backhoe. bush hog. rotary tiller. pallet forks. mower. grader scraper. tow behind sweeper. + more.

Kubota B26 TLB, Kubota BX23s and Ford 3600 Tractor with experienced operator for hire. Tractor is only 48in (4ft) wide or larger one is 60in (5ft) and will fit through most gates, it has a Backhoe w/ 12" + 24" digging/trenching bucket with mechanical thumb, Front end loader w/ bucket, Grading Scraper, Rotary Tiller, Brush Hog, Pallet Forks, Tow Behind Sweeper. It's perfect for working in tight spaces and can handle acreage. Larger Ford tractor available for heavy duty bush hogging, tilling and grader scraper work. Tractor Related Services - Starting at $50/hour

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    We have many tools available for driveway and trail related work. A Grader Scraper has one purpose and that's to rip out pot holes and weeds, and then evenly fill everything in with new or existing gravel. We also use our Front-End Loader and Backhoe to move material when creating a new driveway or to do more extensive repairs.


    If you have overgrown or out of control brush, blackberries, shrubs, small trees, tall grass & weeds, etc. we can make quick work out of that. Our 4ft Bush Hog can knock down and destroy most things under 2 inches in diameter. Most things larger than that the Pallet Forks can rip out of the ground, especially smaller bushes and blackberries.


    The Backhoe is a great tool for trenching for drainage or to run conduit. It has also proved very useful in building ponds, digging holes to plant large trees, moving large rocks, stump removal, etc.


    We can move large debris, including logs/trees, rocks, soil and various other heavy objects with our Pallet Forks & Front-End Loader . The Rotary Tiller is a great tool for turning over your garden, replacing & grading lawn as well as a few other uses like road construction.


      Our prices typically are $50-$65/hour for an experienced operator and machine.

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