Everything you need to turn your home into a smart home


lighting. door locks. thermostat. alarm system. TV. audio. blinds. + many more.

We install and provide support for voice controlled home automation including specialized service for the physically disabled. We serve Vancouver Island including Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo all the way up to North Island (Contact us for pricing anywhere in BC). This system allows the ability to control your house from anywhere in your home with just your voice. This is possible through the integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice commands and Samsung SmartThings to control the devices in your home (Thermostats, Lights, Door Locks, etc.). This system is ideal those individuals able-bodied or not. You dont know what you missing until you try it, you will never go back to the old way again. Everything can also be controlled on your PC, mobile phone, tablet, MAC, etc. which also allows for control of your home when you are away.

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    Our Smart Home solution gives you the abilty to control many aspects of your home with just your voice. You can turn on your bedroom lights, set your thermostat, lock your doors, turn on outside lights, ask questions and get answers (eg. what is the weather forecast?). This is possible by adding Google Home or Amazon Alexa to integration with the devices in your home.


    Home Automation allows events to occur based on specified actions. You can automatically set your alarm when you leave your home, turn on your outside lights when you open your door after sunset, get an audio alert when motion is detected on your driveway, turn on lights when you enter a room. The customization is nearly endless. Please let us know if you are looking for anything specifically and we will be happy to help.


    The added benefit is that you can actually save money by using this system. The ease of controlling your thermostat will make adjusting it when not need so much more convenient. Turn off your lights or heating when no movement is detected or you are not home. Its also a great time to upgrade to LED lighting when making the transition to a smart home.


    Functions available for thermostats, lighting, garage door opener, door locks, blinds, kettles, TV, audio, security cameras, mailbox alerts, motion sensors, leak + door + window sensors, security systems, smoke and carbon monoxide dectors, power outlets, door bells, irigation, heating vents and many Samsung products.


      Our smart home solution is more affordable than traditional ones which cost thousands of dollars. Our total cost can range from $300 to $5000+, however a typical installation would cost between $750-$1,500 depending on how deeply you want to integrate your home.

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